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Business for Women Solution

Supporting women-run businesses to transform online

A comprehensive solution focusing on helping women businesses to transform online

Women are impressive. Since kid, I have been accompanying my mother for her businesses outside. I experienced how awesome can a woman be in running businesses. I love talking to woman and discuss together on businesses and online transformation. I am impressed of women being able to multitask, putting efforts for friends and family, and it's always about sharing and caring in businesses. 
Kow, GoBuddy Co-Founder
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We know it's challenging for woman in online businesses

Finding the right and trusted partner

It's not easy to find the right and trustable partner experienced in technology adoption and digital transformation, who is willing to listen and brainstorm different ideas together.

You may also have a lot of great ideas, but sometimes might get stuck in implementing them, or lack of support. 

Technology gap

It's challenging to pickup latest technology and digital tools, in particularly competing with the younger ones. because you are always multi-taskings and need to take care of different areas. You may want to change, but you may not know the ways.

Therefore, we are here to partner you with:

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Operation Support

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Software Support

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IT Support


Innovation consultancy

Our comprehensive solutions

All-in-one Online Business Software Suite

From selling products, hosting offline and online events/seminars to accepting online bookings, our easy-to-use yet powerful software helps you extend your business offerings and streamline operations while cutting your costs. 

  • Flexible and wide range of modules available 

  • Extend your business offerings

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Digital Marketing & Ads Placement

Apart from listing your products and services online, it's important to increase your exposure in the internet world.


We support you by managing your digital marketing portfolio based on our understanding on the market and the agreed budget to invest. 

  • Flexible subscription fee 

  • Maximize investment in marketing

Blue Surface

Our focus is about partnering and growing together

Social Media Platform Management

Managing social media platforms such as Facebook and IG can be tedious and time-consuming. Yet, it's one of the basics in running business now, mainly because of exposure and directory.


We provide professional service in social media pages and accounts management, such as designing and postings, content writing, as well as managing your e-shops.

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All-in-one Operations Management

Stay focus on your business, you know your products and services better than anyone. 

We handle daily operations for you, covering:

  • Social media management

  • Digital marketing and ads placement

  • Sales management 

  • Consultancy services

  • Software maintenance 

This optimizes the results of adopting our software and services, resulting better business performance. 


Never fight alone. Start and grow your online business journey with GoBuddy.

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