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Technology Voucher Programme (TVP)
3:1 Funding Ratio HKD 600,000 Subsidy

Eligible companies for TVP

Registered in Hong Kong under the Business Registration Ordinance (Cap. 310); or Incorporated and registered in Hong Kong under the Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622); or Established in Hong Kong by relevant ordinances as statutory bodies;


Not a listed company in Hong Kong, and not a government subverted organisation3 or subsidiary of any government subverted organisation3;




With substantive business operation in Hong Kong which is related to the project under application at the time of application.

TVP subsidy amount

Subsidy in 3:1 matching ratio, that means the government will subsidy 3 times the amount a company paid, thus government subsidy will cover 75% of total project cost. The maximum subsidy amount is HKD 600,000 for each company, and the subsidy can be spitted in several projects (maximum 6)

Eligible companies
Subsidy amount

TVP application procedure


Prepare quotations and other necessary documents


Submit to Innovation and Technology Commission


Project Kick Start


Finish the project and submit proof


Get the Subsid

Documents to be prepared for TVP submission

BR, CI (if any), AR1 (if any)
Proof of Operation in HK
MPF record
Audit report /
management report

Projects covered in TVP

Working Together on Project

Projects that help improve productivity, including CRM, ERP, POS, AR/VR etc are covered in TVP (Technology Voucher Programme). Feel free to talk with our consultants to discover how digital transformation can help your business.


If you don’t have any projects in mind, we suggest looking at Community Lifestyle App with members CRM which can help you to build and engage your customers easily and create a stronger loyalty and sense o

Application procedure
Documents to be prepared
Projects covered

Talk with our consultant

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