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Build Your E-Shop with Ease

Bring the simplest shopping experience to customers

Main Features

Inventory Management

Auto-Confirmation Email

Data Dashboard

Simple Web-page 

Showcase your product listings just like a product catalogue. It's equipped with a shopping cart, and you can easily update a page banner for better branding. 

WhatsApp messaging button is also integrated for your easy communication with the site visitors. 

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Easy to Create and Manage Products

Set up your profile, set up your delivery, and create your 1st product. It's that easy.

Create as many products as you like, share purchase links to any social media. Let your customers buy your products in seconds.

Handy Orders & Dispatch Management

Manage all your orders with handy management anytime, anywhere. Flexibly update your customers on the dispatch status.

Our system will automatically send receipts and messages email to your customers.

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Customized Discounts & Promotions

Encourage your customers to buy more by offering them
discounts and promotions. Create various types of
discounts to take care of different target customers.

Payment & Delivery Setting

Allowing online payment is an essential function for great online shopping. In GoBuddy, you can directly connect your own payment gateway or enjoy a ready-to-use payment gateway powered by GoBuddy.

For delivery settings, you are able to custom your own delivery method or connect with our delivery partners.

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Create Bundle with Activity

Great Bundle could boost your sales by 20% or more. In GoBuddy, you can flexibly combine your products with activities, creating different attractive combinations. 

Other Service

Website Building Solution

Looking for nice looking websites for your business and integrating with our system? We can build for you at the lowest cost using Wix Website Builder.

Contact our team now and see how we could help you! 

Start Your Business with GoBuddy and Grow Together 

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