About GoBuddy

We co-partner with businesses to build, sell & grow together online. 

Kow, Roy & CY - GoBuddy Founders

Online businesses is now a global mega trend, in particularly stimulated by the pandemic outbreak. 

However, running online businesses is getting tough nowadays - costly infrastructure, competitive environment, scattered tools, tedious operations and more. Yet, most businesses are operating and competing independently, under limited resources, talents and knowledge. This turns out to have induced higher costs for survival and sustainability.  

That's why GoBuddy is founded. Being a customer-centric digital firm, we value our customers as one community. We believe everyone in GoBuddy can work together, and go together as buddies in building success. 


Our Vision

Transform businesses from competition into collaboration

To do that, our top priorities are always about

Optimizing operations

with technology

We put operational efficiencies at the heart of everything we do. We do our best to ensure that ours and customers' operations can be streamline and optimized for the best business performance, with the adoption of technology. 

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Being cost-effective

through innovations

We believe being cost-effective is the key for success in running businesses, both online and offline. We ensure every product and service we provide is being cost-effective in enabling maximize business returns for our customers, through ongoing innovations. 

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and co-partnerships

We work together and embrace each other’s unique contribution to delivering amazing results for all.

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Our Team

GoBuddy is founded and led by experienced and passionate leaders, engineers and innovators committed to your best experience and success.

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CEO & Co-Founder

Kow is the Co-Founder & CEO of GoBuddy and a savvy in operation and management.

Prior to GoBuddy, he started his career as a civil engineer with Leighton Asia, one of the leading construction firms in Asia. He was responsible for project procurement, delivery and management of over HKD10B civil engineering construction projects in Hong Kong and Singapore.

Fun facts: Kow is a Malaysian. He started his own business since primary 6. He loves science and inventions - he invented a number of award-winning products since secondary school. 

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Product Lead & Co-Founder

Roy leads GoBuddy’s product design and development.

Prior to GoBuddy, he served as the Analyst Programmer responsible for developing an ERP system in many modules, BI and website. 

Roy started his career as a programmer in the electrical and electronic manufacturing industry.  

Fun facts: Roy started an online shop (non-technically) with friends on part-time basis to explore Japan products, which he finds out he really likes doing businesses. 


Engineering Lead & Co-Founder

CY leads GoBuddy’s engineering side including system architecture, security and big data development. 

Prior to GoBuddy, he started his career as a Senior Engineer in a healthcare startup building three successful healthcare management systems, and generated over 1.2 M transactional records. 

Fun facts: CY is a tech-savvy military adviser in Engineering and System Architecture. I always aspire to rebuild human relationships and make people’s life easier with technology and innovation. 

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